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Strong Communication

Understand the emotion and intentions of our clients like a family

Aptitude for Technology

For optimal results we always keep the infrastructure up to date

Quality Guarantee

To provide quality & best products for better customer experience

Market assessment

Comprehensive analysis of market trends to bring new products

Bevelled glass

Whether you are looking to add Georgian style glass doors to a grand building or you are hankering after a beautiful bevelled glass mirror as a statement piece in a smaller property, Our Glass Processing can meet your needs with supreme bevelled glass cut to size.

Straight line edge

We provide straight line edging. We have experience to create sleek, clean and glossy lines, by running glass along a belt machine, removing any glass chips, and smoothing and straighten the edges.

shape glass edge

We also create shape glass edge, such as circles and ovals, as well as more complex shapes.The more intricate cut shapes might be executed by hand so that our master craftsmen can maintain more control and precision for each unique piece.

Glass fabrication

Turn possibilities into finished products. We have the experience and full-spectrum services to manage your glass fabrication project., Whether you need acustom heavy glass entrance or a specially designed mirror or shower door, we offer the glass types and know-how to create custom fabricated glass that lets you frame the view. Our experienced team is here to help you avoid any potential project pitfalls; we offer maximum efficiency in bringing projects from concept to completion.

Glass transportation

We offer a wide range of transport solutions to businesses in the glass and glazing industry. Our specially-fitted vehicles and our highly trained and experienced staff both serve to minimize the risk of glass damaging during transportation.Our range of specialised vehicles mean that we have the ability to handle all your glass transportation requirements

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